How do I work this thing?
If you would like to keep track of your collection, sign up for an account. Then you can search for a dispenser by name in the search box, or browse by family in the dispenser list. You will get a list of the different stems for this item. Choose the one you own, add a little info if you like and the dispenser will be added to your online collection list.

Where do you get the prices?
I search Ebay for completed auctions. Then I identify the dispenser and enter the price, date and sometimes a note. In cases where variations exist, identification is dificult (ie with and without copyright), and prices shouldn't differ by much, the prices are distributed between variations. A note is placed for cases where this is done.

Why are there Pez dispensers in the non-dispensers area?
Items such as the full body Santa, guns, and mini dispensers are not the same as the stereotypical dispensers we all know and love. It seemed easier to organize these in a separate category.

What is the IMC?
IMC stands for injection Mold Code. It\'s a small number on the top corner of the stem. Some people like to have this info if they collect stem variations. Entering the country and IMC is optional.

Who\'s helped this site by making contributions?
James Day's Master Pez Guide was my initial source of information.
Dave Hood and Brad Emalfarb allowed me to use their document "PEZ Candy Identification & Value Guide".
The most up-to-date list of photo contributers is here.
John Gugie has helped aquire and enter new information as it comes in.
Finally, my brother has graciously lent me server space and bandwidth to keep this site going.

I know SQL and/or PHP and want to help out entering prices or adding code!
Great! Email me and we can work something out.

Hey!!I have a dispenser variation which is not listed. What do I do?
Tell me about it.

I found a mistake. What do I do?
Again, Tell me about it and the database will be updated accordingly. I like fixing things to make this useful for everybody.

I have a picture of a dispenser that you don't have. Do you want it?
Yes I do. As long as the image is clear I'll take it. Also, the larger the better so I can edit it to my needs. I'll even give you credit here!

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