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New Server
20 Apr 2020-6:49:12 pm

I've moved the site to a new server. I'm working on refactoring the code to remove errors. Once things look stable, I'll start working on migrating to the Drupal CMS, This should make everything MUCH more stable. Right now everything is a patchwork of decades-old code. Using drupal will allow all the core functionality (user management, permissions, entity management, etc) to be a tried and true package.

Expect Errors
25 Oct 2019-5:10:38 am

I recently upgraded the server to PHP 7.3. Unfortunately, this broke a lot of the old PHP4 formatted code that this site has been running for a decade. I'll be working on refactoring the code. I apologize for any errors you come across.

Users should be able to add dispensers to their collection.
Pop Pez
11 Jan 2019-4:58:41 pm

After many entries have started grouping POP PEZ in sub groups as named by the company. Lots more to come
Funko Pop PEZ
3 Oct 2018-4:41:52 pm

Added the pop PEZ heading. Started adding what looks to be the first few of many to come. Joe
PEZ Name Variations
29 Jul 2017-3:32:39 pm

I have found a listing of PEZ name variations (i.e. Coach Whistle - Whistle A) (Pony Go Round - Circus Pony). I will be adding the variations the database as I can. The alternate name will be in ( ) in the title. This is not official information but variations some these dispensers have been known by over the years.

Emoticons, Smurfs, PEZ Gatherings
4 Feb 2017-4:17:51 pm

Add the new Emoticons, Smurfs and the 2016 PEZ Gatherings (Don't have all the stem info available at this time will enter it when I can)
Easter 2015
9 Feb 2016-5:49:05 pm

Added the new Bunny's, and Easter Egg
Emoticons, Christmas Barkys
30 Dec 2015-5:36:06 pm

Added the 5 USA Emoticons, Also the Christmas Barky's .
NHL Zamboni's
4 Dec 2015-5:43:57 pm

Added the 7 Zambonis to the database in Sports Promotions (NHL Zambonis)
30 Nov 2015-4:59:48 pm

Added the last two sets of the Presidents. Also new copyright Star Wars
New Star Wars & Others
4 Nov 2015-9:47:33 pm

Added new Star Wars Crystals, and Box sets with short stems. Added Harry Potter and New Peanuts (Different Copyright)
Server Upgrade
6 Jul 2015-12:53:14 pm

I just upgraded all the core software on the web server (Upgraded from Squeeze to Jesse for the nerds out there). If you see any strange behavior, let me know.

Mini Bulldog
26 Feb 2015-6:37:42 pm

Added the Mini Cooper Bulldog
New Additions
26 Feb 2015-6:35:11 pm

Added the 2015 Barky's plus the Special Barky this year. Added the New European Minnie Mouse foursome. Some new charity's and New FX Turtles
New Additions
5 Nov 2014-8:34:11 pm

Added the Series VI and VII Presidents. This set gets closer to completion. Also added Terror Cat to Toy Story
Garfield Variation
13 Oct 2014-4:31:53 pm

Found and added a new Garfield Grinning. The outline of the face is thin instead of thick.

Hello Kitty
11 Oct 2014-3:29:32 pm

Added the new Hello Kitty's from the box set to the database, Updated Scooby Do also
More Variations
4 Oct 2014-3:50:37 pm

Added a couple of variations to Disney Fairies.
25 Sep 2014-3:53:57 pm

Made some additions in the Snowman D variations. Also added the color variations to the Roman Soldier in Asterix. New color variations in Pony's too.
12 Aug 2014-6:02:51 pm

I added the 2014 Barky to the database. Also the new Flash
Mater Changes
2 Aug 2014-2:04:59 pm

Got the new Mater B with the checkered flags on stem and the hubcaps are different colors. Added an (a) and (b) to Mater. Enjoy the hunt

The site is stable once again
17 May 2014-10:52:24 am

I have everything configured and everything appears to be working. So, back to normal everyone. :-)
I'll likely be moving to a new host in the next couple months due to the awful customer service that we received from our host. If anyone has any recommendations of virtual private server providers, let me know.

8 May 2014-1:55:21 pm

As you may know, we were down last week for some time sure to a disc crash. With little to no help from the tech support staff at my hosting company, I managed to get everything back up and running. Then last night, with no notification, they reverted the server to an older backup. Expect to see missing stuff that you recently added. I will post updates on the front page, but I wouldn't make any changes until I've given the all clear.
Woody changes
16 Mar 2014-7:28:15 pm

The Woody from Toy story has some major changes. The scarf no longer goes all the way around the neck. The black spot under the star on the vest is gone. The eyes are smaller than the original. Have only seen the new ones on the 7.5 stem so far. The old is Woody a). New is Woody (b)
Disney Changes
25 Feb 2014-5:39:32 pm

With Disney issuing so many sets (both US and Euro) I thought trying something new. I am putting the major Disney Characters. i.e. Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy in separate subheadings. Then I will move and re label the rest of the sets. Look at Minnie, Pluto, Goofy for the ones that are done so far. As I move them the Disney set will go down and the character subset will go up.

Hope this isn't too confusing. I think you will like the final results.

As always any feedback is appreciated.

New Server
11 Feb 2014-12:44:39 pm

Welcome to the new home of Pezbase. This server has more memory, so you should not expect to see any service outages. If you would like to help out with the cost of running this site, you can donate a few bucks via Paypal. See the block on the side for details.

Moving to a new server
10 Feb 2014-11:43:54 am

Due to what was becoming ever-present outages of this website, I am in the process of moving PezBase to a new server. I will be disabling the ability to add to collection lists during the transition, but will keep everything open for browsing. Thanks for your understanding and please let me know if you have any questions.

Barky Browns
28 Oct 2013-12:17:51 pm

For those of us who collect the Barky's ( and I know its isn't very many) I spent some time rearranging them by year. If you want them that way in your collection reports you will have to delete your entry and reenter it in the proper years Barky. I hope this doesn't create any confusion. If you have any problems or questions let me know.

Joe (joebeebene@gmail.com)
New Additions
15 Sep 2013-1:42:00 pm

The 7 new Safeway and 3 new Walgreens Trucks and 2 new "Power" Trucks have been added. More to come this year looks like
Conventions and New Looney Tunes
11 Aug 2013-1:23:58 pm

Spent the last few days editing and adding many convention PEZ to the database. I am sure there are many more but these are all I know about at this time. Will add more as I can. Added The new European Looney Tunes. Look like some of the old ones but new Copyrights.
Series E Trucks
30 Jul 2013-12:26:29 pm

Renamed and rearranged the E Series Trucks as they were starting to get confusing. As there are at least 2 more out there will add new as we get them

Short Stemed Dispensers
30 Mar 2013-10:40:33 am

Because PEZ Euro has added three Disney Mini Dispensers and 3 Easter Mini I started adding "SHORT STEM" to the Dispenser description. Hopeful this won't get too confusing down the road. See the Snow White Dwarf's for an example. Added the Disney Minis (Euro Stylish 2012) also.

MLB Hats
12 Mar 2013-11:44:36 am

Added the new MLB hats (all I have right now), Add Red Hat

Stopping Spammers
4 Feb 2013-8:25:10 am

Hey everyone. For the past couple months spammers from China, Eastern Europe, and the Ukraine have been targeting the site, registering for bogus accounts in order to promote their websites. I've been messing around with different ways to stop them, and finally have a solution that I like. However, there's a small possibility that a real user could get caught up in the sting. If you register for an account and see an error message informing you that I think you're a spammer, email me. If you have trouble accessing the site, please do the same.
New Christmas
2 Nov 2012-2:13:51 pm

Added the new Christmas. Including the Crystals. already found 2 different colored Santa hats.

Also added the 2 new Presidents sets
New Additions
11 Oct 2012-3:02:20 pm

Have entered the Barbie, Kiss, & Star Trek The next Generation to the database
Euro Soccer & New Shop Rite Truck & Others
8 Sep 2012-1:45:17 pm

Added the new 2012 Shop rite Truck and the 6 Euro Club soccer Dispensers. Added New Euro Green / White E Series Trucks. Added New disney young Click and Plays. Added New euro disney Set. Continued adding to conventions ie: 1995

Advertizing Pez
21 Aug 2012-8:47:30 am

Creating a new catagory of Advertising/Premeums and moving the numerous pez from Miscellaneous into the new catagory.

Rearranged the Pumpkin C's to maybe relieve some confusion that may have existed.
Convention Pez
21 Aug 2012-8:47:04 am

In process of rearranging the Linz and other convention PEZ into the proper years convention. Its a work in progress so be patient.

Also added the new European Pirate Pez. (Miscellaneous)

Marvel Heros / Avengers
21 Aug 2012-8:46:31 am

Edited the sub family Marvel Heros to add The Avengers.
Charity Family
21 Aug 2012-8:45:38 am

Created a new sub-Family under Miscellaneous for Charity. Moved some of the existing Charity heads to the family.
Safari Animals - Misfits
21 Aug 2012-8:45:16 am

Added a new sub family called Safari Animals - Misfits and am adding all of the lion misfits as I get a chance.

Presidents of the United States
20 Nov 2011-6:08:15 pm

Add the first 5 Presidents of the United States. Added the new Visitor Center 4. More to come.
Santa D
10 Nov 2011-11:47:48 am

Added new Santa D with a one piece face. This also affects the Danta D Painted Crystal. Redesignated all Santa "D".
New Sets
8 Oct 2011-9:47:36 am

Added Lord of the Rings and the New NHL Hockey masks. On the Lord of the Rings there are two sets out there. The Wal Mart Exclusive set removes the Bilbo dispenser and adds a different (Eye of Sauron) Dispenser and the paint on some of the others is different. Loaded all in the Database.
Double Login Problems
29 Apr 2011-3:28:09 pm

Several users (Me included) had problems lately of having to log in multiple times to do anything on the site. I thought I fixed it a few months ago but it looks like it was still there. I fixed the issue, but the problem code has been there since 2008, so I don't know why it just started acting up.

Sorry for the annoyance!
Click and play
11 Feb 2011-11:30:48 am

Added "Mr Men to the Click and Play Catagory
New sets
9 Sep 2010-3:33:57 pm

Add new Snow White & Seven Dwarfs to Disney. Added two new Thomas the Train and added 2 new copyrights on Thomas courtsy of the lunch box set. Added U Conn & Syracuse to NCAA BAsketball.
Circus & Animals
17 Jun 2010-12:32:08 pm

Split Circus into a catagory if thier own. Added some new pictures.
Dylan's Candy
27 Mar 2010-10:30:47 am

Added the new Dylan's Candy White Bunny and move the Chocolate one to Easter
FX Convention PEZ
8 Dec 2009-7:42:32 pm

Have redone the FX 2005 and 2006 and started listing them individually as per other conventions PEZ. Move them into the proper years of Conventions. Enjoy.
3 Dec 2009-9:01:03 am

Just added a new Sparefroh dispenser and a Chick Fil-A Cow dispenser.
Safari animals
10 Aug 2009-10:38:14 pm

Started adding all the Misfit lion variations into the database and will add more as we find them. Also added the new WINX set.

Also split the Muppets and Sesame Street into seperate listings.
Convention PEZ
23 Jun 2009-9:58:07 pm

Did some rearranging of the Conventions (Added Seperate Years)
New Ice Age
25 Apr 2009-11:14:54 am

Added the new Scrat and the Dino Momma to the database.
Disney and new subsets: Clubhouse Set and others
18 Apr 2009-10:15:03 am

Created the Clubhouse 2009 subset under Disney and moved the appropriate dispensers to the set. Also added Bambi, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, 101 Dalmations, and Snow White subsest and moved the proper dispensers into thise subsets. Enjoy.

Remakes and Repaints.
24 Feb 2009-12:36:43 pm

There are more and more remakes and repaints of Dispensers on the market today. Mainly coming out of China. Started adding a (a),(b), (c) to the database. Check Star Wars and Easter Section: Bunny F for examples of this so far.

Advertising on Trucks
23 Feb 2009-11:34:45 am

Added 2 new sections in Trucks and moved all the Advertising trucks to that subheading. Moved all the "Nascar" Trucks to the "Nascar Haulers" subheading
Star Wars Clone Wars and Aliens vs. Monsters
21 Feb 2009-7:58:53 am

The three new dispensers for each set have been added to the database this morning. They look pretty cool, so keep your eyes open.

Valentine's hearts
6 Feb 2009-3:41:27 pm

Added the 2008 Hearts with the short necks and the Cherub.
New European Faires
27 Dec 2008-9:58:49 am

Added the new European Disney fairies with the Purple flowers and no Yellow lines.
2000th Different Head
18 Nov 2008-8:38:22 pm

The 2000th head was just introduced into the database. Who would have thought when we all started collecting and documenting PEZ for fun that there would be this many different. Enjoy
New Sets
14 Oct 2008-8:30:20 pm

Added the Star Trek Set
Miscellaneous Section
31 Aug 2008-4:01:52 pm

Re-arranged the Miscellaneous section and added sub-familys for Barky Brown, Bubble Man and Peter PEZ
NCAA Footballs
1 Aug 2008-4:09:31 pm

Have entered the latest of the NCAA Footballs. North Carolina, Washington, Washington State, Nebraska and Virginia Tech
New Additons
23 Jun 2008-7:22:52 pm

Have entered the New Disney Wall-E Sub Family. Also the new Forest Family Fuzzy Friends have been added. Also the European Elvis set of Mini Mints has been added. Added the new Groom because of the thumb tab and the face color.

Wide Patents
16 Jun 2008-4:17:15 pm

For those who collect stem variations we have added the Wide Patent block. This has been found on 4.9 and 5.9 stems.

For Example 5. 984. 285 vrs 5.984.285

Working out the Bugs
19 Mar 2008-6:50:42 am

It was just told about a bug in the collection report page and it's been fixed. After a long weekend of work, the non-dispenser section of the site is fully operational.

Let me know if you see any error messages. Make note of how to reproduce the error and any text on the screen.

You can now add photos to items once again
16 Feb 2008-9:01:56 am

I've finally worked out the bugs from the code so add away.
29 Jan 2008-8:08:35 am

There is a new Sanrio set, Shinkansen. Because of this I've moved the Hello Kitty dispensers to a subfamily of a new Sanrio family. I don't know the details of this new set yet so it's blank. Feel free to add dispensers as you typically would.

Collection Reports.
19 Sep 2007-6:58:49 am

Users can now display the UDR, flower, and stem printing on their collection reports. To enable this click the "Logged in as" link at the top of the screen and select "Other Stem Features".

Yesterday a user reported a bug where thin footed stems were displayed in the collection report as non footed. This has been fixed.
New dispensers added
18 Sep 2007-6:27:25 am

The new Pokemon minis have recently been added to the site along with the 80th anniversary crystal Black & White Mickey and Minnie mouse dispensers. Also we've recently added the Louisville Cardinals football dispenser and the Sissy and Mozart dispensers available in Austria. Finally four dispensers were released for the Bee Movie.
New User Block
8 Aug 2007-4:27:02 am

Registered users can now have a list of thir most recent PezBase addtions in their MyPezBase Portal. Put a link to it in your message board postings to let your Pezzy friends see what you've recently added to your collection.
Elvis is now in the building
30 Jul 2007-8:30:59 pm

It turns out I have not had Elvis listed yet.

I've also finalized the code to allow users to specify how many journal articles to display on they My PezBase portal. You can also configure the Top10 block to display randomly as on the front page, or to always display one of the block types. You can also specify the number, not just 10. If you want to see the top 100 collection sizes, feel free.

Like always, let me know if you find a bug or if you would like any added features or if you would like to help with coding or whatever.
New dispensers
20 Jul 2007-10:41:39 am

I've just added the new full body Mickey Mouse dispensers to the database.

You can also find the new Korochan dispensers from Japan and a bunch of Japanese minis.
Please make use of the search box at the top of the screen
3 Jul 2007-4:51:10 am

Lately many people have been adding dispenser heads to the database which already exist. If you type in a part of the name into the search box at the top of the screen you will be able to see if it exists before adding it. For example, if you can't seem to find Puss N Boots, just type "boots" into the search box. When you click on the returned item you will see the breadcrumbs at the top(Dispensers> Dreamworks> Shrek). This means that you will find it in the dispenser list. Clicking the plus sign next to Dreamworks will present you with the Shrek family.

Let me know if you have questions. (beakerboy99 at yahoo dot com)
Users may now customize their MyPezBase Portal
13 Dec 2006-7:28:24 am

I'm sure you've seen the link to "Customize this Page" in your MyPezBase Portal. Now, finally, clicking this link actually does something. You can see all available blocks and add the ones you like to your page. Not all blocks are configurable at this point. You can configure the Advanced HTML block to add any custom HTML to your page.

If you have suggestions for new blocks, let me know.
Please verify your email address.
20 Nov 2006-10:09:02 pm

When you log in, please check that your email address is set to an account that you actually check. Once in a while I have a question about an edit that a user has made. I'll send an email to the address they submitted on registration and will not get a response in most cases. If I don't hear back from you, I'll just undo your edit.

Thanks for your understanding,
Editing Pending Dispenser Stems
18 Nov 2006-10:37:33 am

If you add a stem to a dispenser and notice a mistake, you now have a new option. Previously, the only way to edit a pending stem was to delete the change and create a new stem. Now, any user can edit any stem addition that they have made in addition to undoing and changes. Please double check your changes and make use of this feature if necessary.
View a list of your pending edits
27 Sep 2006-11:09:58 am

If are one of the few who edit PezBase content, you can now see what is awaiting approval. Visit your "MyPezBase Portal" and the list will appear on your page. You can click to see the changes and even delete an incorrect edit, or re-edit it.

Like always, let me know if you experience any buggy behavior.
New Halloween and Christmas Dispensers
18 Sep 2006-1:52:56 pm

Be on the lookout for two new dispensers for the upcoming holidays. The Halloween series will include a Black Cat. For Christmas, Santa will be accompanied with a Mrs. Claus dispenser.
OCC PEZ and dispenser prices
20 Aug 2006-5:39:13 am

You can now see completed ebay prices for the dispensers on the price tab of the each dispenser's page. The ability to add new prices is in the works.

I've also added the new Orange County Choppers dispensers to the list. Does anybody know when they'll be for sale and for how much?

Update 8/22/06: Registered users can add ebay prices to the website. Feel free to plug away.
Users can now add nondispenser items.
12 Aug 2006-8:20:18 am

Feel free to add any items made by PEZ Co. or licensed by PEZ Co. in the nondispensers area. This includes giant dispensers and mini dispensers. I'll be adding more functionality to this in the coming weeks, such as adding images and making the page look nicer.

Let me know if you have any problems.
Yet another stem option
9 Aug 2006-2:15:20 pm

When adding a new stem to a dispenser head, there are now three foot choices; None, Thin, and Normal.

Another new stem option
9 Aug 2006-5:32:02 am

You can add a text comment describing any printing on a dispenser stem. For an example, see the <a href="http://pezbase.beakerboy.com/head.php?id=2925">World Cup Daffy</a>. The phrase 'Printed on stem' is added by the webpage, so only typing 'Coach whistle' is needed. If there is a dispenser which only has a printed stem, and this stem is already in the database, let me know and I'll modify the existing stem instead of adding a new one.

New option for stem variations
7 Aug 2006-6:27:04 pm

Last year, several dispensers were made where the country of origin was printed on the stem instead of being molded into the stem. Check the 'Printed Country' checkbox when adding one of these stems to the database.
Database Editing Recommendation
2 Aug 2006-5:33:08 am

If you wish to add a stem to a dispenser, please ensure everything is added correctly. Users are able to remove their edits, so double-check and delete it if needed.

If a specific country/IMC combination or stem color is missing from option lists, contact me before adding a placeholding, incorrect stem to the database(beakerboy99 at yahoo dot com). It is easier to get the missing option in the database and add a correct stem than to go in a modify an incorrect stem after the fact.

Again, thanks for the help everyone!
Kevin Nowaczyk
PezBase Dispenser Photos...You can help
25 Jul 2006-1:06:33 pm

PezBase currently has photos for 58% of all dispenser heads ever made. If you have a digital camera and want to help with the remaining 42%, or if you can make a better photo of a head currently in the database you can. Take a photo and edit it to be 124 pixels square and 72 pixes/in resolution. Log in, browse to a dispenser listing and click the edit button. From here you can upload the photo. After an admin approves it, you'll receive a photo credit as well as an editing point.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Editing PezBase
18 Jul 2006-4:59:19 am

Feel free to edit anything in the database. All changes have to be checked and approved by an admin before they become permanent. As of this morning, users can edit heads and add new subfamilies and I'm working on code to allow users to add new heads and add stems to heads.

Update(7/22/06): Users can now add new heads and associate stems with heads. Again all changes must be approved before they become permanent, so edit away.
User Journal in MyPezBase Portal
17 Jul 2006-8:25:20 am

Users can now keep a Pezzy Journal in their MyPezBase Portal. Feel free to note new dispenser purchases, keep track of items you need, or places to search for the latest release.
Database Shuffle
16 Jul 2006-7:49:55 am

I did a large database data re-arangement on the dispenser collection information. It appears to have happened smoothly and all MY personal collection information remains accurate. If you see any problems with your dispenser collection list, let me know as soon as you can so I can revert to the backup and try the data migration again.

Website Updates
5 Jul 2006-4:34:32 pm

PezBase is getting a facelift for it's 5th birthday. There will be a new look and feel, customizable themes, internationalization, expanded dispenser variation tracking, and added ability for users to add to the database. You'll notice the new "Random Image" block on the welcome page too. Expect more blocks in the future. As always, your suggestions are always welcome.
Added Morinaga Gundam
31 Mar 2006-12:00:00 pm

I've added the Japanese Morinaga Gundam dispenser with images to Pezbase. I also moved the Nascar series to its own family.
Password reminder emails
20 Nov 2005-12:00:00 pm

Several email services recognize password reminder emails from PezBase as spam. Some never deliver the message to the user. I'm working on resolving this issue.
6 Nov 2005-12:00:00 pm

The 7 NASCAR PEZ dispensers are listed under Sports Promotions.
Added TMNT
29 Oct 2005-12:00:00 pm

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in the database.
Added Disney Princesses
25 Oct 2005-12:00:00 pm

The new Disney Princesses; Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine are now available in stores and entered into PezBase
Advanced Search
10 Dec 2004-12:00:00 pm

You can now perform more complicated queries into PezBase using the Advanced Search link in the search box.
Customized collection displays
19 Nov 2004-12:00:00 pm

You can now customize the way you see your dispenser collection in PezBase. Log in and view your account information. You can choose what info you want to see for each dispenser, including images.
A couple items slipped past us
17 Jul 2004-12:00:00 pm

Surprise! There are a couple new items that were recently discovered. The donkey from Shrek can be found silver plated. Also a swedish soccer ball dispenser can be found. Both are european only releases.
New dispensers
13 Apr 2004-12:00:00 pm

There's lots of new stuff to announce. The new Spongebob Squarepants series is now available. In Europe you can find dispensers for Shrek 2. There is a new Easter series out with a bunny, chick, lamb and egg. Finally there are a ton of miniature dispensers in Japan.
Export your collection list
4 Oct 2003-12:00:00 pm

<A href= export.php>Save this link as export.txt</A> By saving the linked file you can have a tab delimited file of your dispenser collection. You can import this into MS Access, Excel or any database application.
New stuff I forgot
27 May 2003-12:00:00 pm

There's lots of other items I forgot a few days ago. In stores: This year the holloween assortment will be re-done. There will be a new witch, mummy, skull, and pumpkin. A new series called emergency heroes will be released. Finally, there will be a series of Sesame Street characters out this year. <br><br>Online: PEZ.com is offering a series of sports items such as a hockey puck, football, baseball, and basketball. There's also a planet earth dispenser which is supposed to be the first in a series of planets.
Lots of news
20 May 2003-12:00:00 pm

I haven't added any news items in a long time. However, I assure you the database is pretty much always up-to-date<br><br>Pez.com is offering remakes of the classic regulars. There will be a Hello Kitty series in Japan, expect a Mr. Bean series in Europe and there are new Disney dispensers currently in the US. Also there is a series of four Jungle Book dispensers for the new movie. A golden version of Baloo was given out at the european premiere.<br><br>Finally the database now contains many licensed items in the non-dispenser area.
Happy Birthday PezBase
7 Aug 2002-12:00:00 pm

This site has been up for 1 year. This past week we move to a new, faster server. Small updates are always coming in. A new feature is our new truck and turtle chart.
23 May 2002-12:00:00 pm

There will be a reissue of the Golden Glow to mark the 50th anniversary of the company. The dispenser will come with a stand. A crystal ball dispenser will be available by mail order. It will also have a stand. The christmas line will be all new this year and will include a reindeer, and elf, santa, a snowman, and a polar bear with a hat. Finally my home team, the Twins, will be doing another giveaway on July 14th.
More upcoming dispensers
1 Jan 2000-12:00:00 am

The pink panther has been updated. His facial features are now in pink instead of black. The Columbus Clippers will be giving away a promo dispenser at their June 28th game. The New York Yankees will have a pez promotion on July 5th. And finally, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be giving out dispensers on September 14th.
Candy Pack Collectors
1 Jan 2000-12:00:00 am

If you collect Pez candy packs you can now keep track of your collection on PezBase. Use the Candy List link in the browse site box to identify the pack you own.
More New dispensers for 2002
1 Jan 2000-12:00:00 am

There will be new Star Wars dispensers for Episode II. A Clone Trooper, R2-D2, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, C-3PO, and Yoda. Also the New Jersey Nets will be having a Pez promotion at the March 15th game. Finally the will be a series for the popular european children's show Tweenies.
New dispensers for next year
1 Jan 2000-12:00:00 am

Next year will see the release of Bob the Builder dispensers in europe, an E.T. dispenser and a line of dispensers called Sours which will come with sour PEZ candy.

7 Jun 2023-4:03:08 pm

Paypal Donation
We upgraded the website to a new server with more memory. A combination of foreign hacking attempts and popularity of the hobby was causing frequent server outages. If you would like to help defray the costs of the site, you can donate via paypal. Thank you for any help! Kevin