Non Dispenser Items
.Alpine Boy --Yellow and maroon body
Aral Oil Boy --Blue and white body
Biker --Tatoos, black vest, medalion with sword
.BP Boy --Yellow and green body
.Cavalryman --Uniform, with bugle and shoes
.Caveman --Loin cloth, with club and feet
.Cowgirl --Red shirt, with lasso and shoes
.Easter --Grey body with apron, paint palette
General --Grey body
.Hockey Player --Red uniform, with stick and shoes
.Indian --Green body, with bow and arrow
.Jungle Man --Loin cloth, with knife and feet
.Knight --Grey armor, with sword and shoes
.Lady --Red dress, with purse and shoes
.Maid --Uniform, with water pitcher and shoes
.Mariner Boy --Blue body
.Nurse --Uniform, with First aid kit and shoes
.Pilot Boy --Blue Coat with White Trim
.Pilot Boy --White Coat with Blue Tie
.Prisoner --Striped uniform, with ball & chain and feet
.Robin Hood --green body, with bow & arrow and shoes
.Roman A --Plain shield with attachment for spear, and shoes
.Roman B --Diamond shield with no attachment, spear, and shoes
.Santa --Santa suit with present
.Shell Oil Boy --Yellow body
Sheriff --Purple, black vest with lasso
.Skeleton --Skeleton body with sickle and feet
.Soccer Player --Blue and yellow jersey with pitcher
.Spaceman --Grey body, with ray gun and feet
Tarzan --1st Series