Non Dispenser Items
PEZ Pocket Watch --Green w/red clip, comes with either Whistle or Truck
Pez Wall Clock --black with pez bricks
Pez Watch --psychadelic band yellow hand
Pez Watch --Red strap with printed candy, white case that opens.
Pez Watch --pink with R4 truck blue cab, green stem
Pez Watch --white with PEZ-A-Saur Titus / I-saur, green stem
PEZ Watch --red & blue w/white band, comes with either Truck or Whistle
Watch --with brut-a-saurus on card
Watch Dispenser --Blue w/hot pink band, dispenses candy
Watch Dispenser --Hot Pink w/yellow band, dispenses candy
Watch Dispenser --Neon Yellow w/blue band, dispenses candy