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The site is stable once again
17 May 2014-10:52:24 am

I have everything configured and everything appears to be working. So, back to normal everyone. :-)
I'll likely be moving to a new host in the next couple months due to the awful customer service that we received from our host. If anyone has any recommendations of virtual private server providers, let me know.

8 May 2014-1:55:21 pm

As you may know, we were down last week for some time sure to a disc crash. With little to no help from the tech support staff at my hosting company, I managed to get everything back up and running. Then last night, with no notification, they reverted the server to an older backup. Expect to see missing stuff that you recently added. I will post updates on the front page, but I wouldn't make any changes until I've given the all clear.
Woody changes
16 Mar 2014-7:28:15 pm

The Woody from Toy story has some major changes. The scarf no longer goes all the way around the neck. The black spot under the star on the vest is gone. The eyes are smaller than the original. Have only seen the new ones on the 7.5 stem so far. The old is Woody a). New is Woody (b)
Disney Changes
25 Feb 2014-5:39:32 pm

With Disney issuing so many sets (both US and Euro) I thought trying something new. I am putting the major Disney Characters. i.e. Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy in separate subheadings. Then I will move and re label the rest of the sets. Look at Minnie, Pluto, Goofy for the ones that are done so far. As I move them the Disney set will go down and the character subset will go up.

Hope this isn't too confusing. I think you will like the final results.

As always any feedback is appreciated.

New Server
11 Feb 2014-12:44:39 pm

Welcome to the new home of Pezbase. This server has more memory, so you should not expect to see any service outages. If you would like to help out with the cost of running this site, you can donate a few bucks via Paypal. See the block on the side for details.

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23 Jul 2014-5:20:21 am

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Paypal Donation
We upgraded the website to a new server with more memory. A combination of foreign hacking attempts and popularity of the hobby was causing frequent server outages. If you would like to help defray the costs of the site, you can donate via paypal. Thank you for any help! Kevin