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Easter 2015
9 Feb 2016-5:49:05 pm

Added the new Bunny's, and Easter Egg
Emoticons, Christmas Barkys
30 Dec 2015-5:36:06 pm

Added the 5 USA Emoticons, Also the Christmas Barky's .
NHL Zamboni's
4 Dec 2015-5:43:57 pm

Added the 7 Zambonis to the database in Sports Promotions (NHL Zambonis)
30 Nov 2015-4:59:48 pm

Added the last two sets of the Presidents. Also new copyright Star Wars
New Star Wars & Others
4 Nov 2015-9:47:33 pm

Added new Star Wars Crystals, and Box sets with short stems. Added Harry Potter and New Peanuts (Different Copyright)
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25 Jan 2017-1:26:31 am

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We upgraded the website to a new server with more memory. A combination of foreign hacking attempts and popularity of the hobby was causing frequent server outages. If you would like to help defray the costs of the site, you can donate via paypal. Thank you for any help! Kevin